The Saudi National Day Cultural Celebration 2017 \احتفال اليوم الوطني السعوي 2017

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On Saturday the 25th of November, we The Saudi Student Association has organized a ‘The Saudi National Day Cultural Celebration’ in which was an informative and great day, where they guest went through the country historical time line and mini cultural museum guided by one of the Saudi students.  In addition a presentation about the history, stereotypes of Saudi Arabia was presented.

Moreover, the guests got their pictures taken in traditional Arabic clothing, got their names beautifully written in Arabic by our calligrapher, watched and danced traditional Saudi dance, listened to life Arabic music, got henna, enjoyed the tasty Arabic coffee, snacks and delicious food and sweets and above all they made it a wonderful day.

Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who participated, organized, cooked and showed up, for being part of the event and for making it such a wonderful event.

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Some of the Guests’ comments:

  • It was really fun! See you next year!
  • Do you know if there would any other meetings in future ?